Monday, September 28, 2009

Space Bubble!

Yeah! For years teaching the little ones , sneezing, coughing, vomit, germs are everywhere, bloody nose, and i even sat in pee one class time...then i got into holding up a cardboard shield and having the kids repeat "Step 4 floor tiles away from the Queen. No tapping. and stay One Arms Length away from the Queen!" and trust me, the cardboard SHIELD works, when I see a cough or sneeze comming on to a student that is in KDG upto 3rd grade (as they really have no control over this) I take out my cardboard shield and stand back an arms length...

In New York I saw a woman with....well just check this out..only in New York but i like the idea and I may buy or make one...


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  1. hi dear - I'm Vivian Puxian - the creator of the Personal Space protector. Thanks for posting it on your blog!! They're not yet for sale, although a lot of people asked me to buy it. I'll let you know when I start producing and selling them.
    Thanks for your interest in my creation, if you need anything let me know - my email is

    Best regards,