Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm back in my city

As I ride the train, it seems so long since i've been, a turn around of the city with more buildings,wind, snow, sun, and of course my pigeons. I call them mine because when i was a regular here in NY, i would feed the pigeons weekly. Some new ones but some of the usual. My lunch takes place in the park with pigeons...i wish someday someone can photo me with them...feels so good to be back in city I love. To ride the subway, feel the energy under your feet, the sounds all create a happiness for the queen like no other. Im at my computer lab now typing this, waiting to teach the class. Its been too long since i was here last. Too much i could not get here. Need to start a new life...maybe here or not...not sure..its a lonely life i have. I need to change that. i will in time.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Iphone from Verizon

Well the iphone is here! yep as Gadget Girl I need to get it all..makes me happy to have almost all the gadgets for tech stuff. I cannot give up my blackberry yet as i love the messenger and Sprint has 100% reception at my work place and Verizon does not...whats going on? Verizon is so posed to be the best carrier...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Refurbished Computers!!!

YEAH! Finally we got Refurbished computers as I was informed in an email!
What does REFURBISHED mean to you? Please post your answer....i looked it up in the I got the 1998 DELLs which I call the Jack LaLanes of all the computers, bad shape, dust as art forms inside, glad I bought a data vac from J and R in 12 lovely TANKS known as Dells came into my existance...and I could only upgrade to Windows 2000..but ok for kids just to do the Microsoft programs..So I am very proud of myself to pull parts from one to another to re-image to make one working one for a while longer...RENOVATE, REBUILD, MAKE JACK LALANE INTO RICHARD SIMMONS! hahahhahhah
P.S. I am very thankful that we have some computers for our kids to work on...Thank you to the Main Tech Department for getting something for us!

What???!!!! No Keyboards?

Oh No! you have got to be kidding? No very serious. I was approached by one teacher who stressed to the Queen of Tech (me) ...well, I'm going to take out the keyboards from the computers and the kids can use the mouse for everything. WHAT????????????? was my answer? Yes this person uses the computer every day. Very serious...not I explained very politely and calm that you need the keyboard for the kids with all the other stuff for the computer.
As quoted to me from the tech dept when i told them this (as the laugh of the day)
Yeah, its like cutting off your right arm because you have a left arm to do it all!!!
hahahhah ....everyday is an adventure. I really do love working with different people ..all kinds of personality, everywhere, and at any moment..I try not to laugh at what happens at the moment but sometimes you just have to!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Space Bubble!

Yeah! For years teaching the little ones , sneezing, coughing, vomit, germs are everywhere, bloody nose, and i even sat in pee one class time...then i got into holding up a cardboard shield and having the kids repeat "Step 4 floor tiles away from the Queen. No tapping. and stay One Arms Length away from the Queen!" and trust me, the cardboard SHIELD works, when I see a cough or sneeze comming on to a student that is in KDG upto 3rd grade (as they really have no control over this) I take out my cardboard shield and stand back an arms length...

In New York I saw a woman with....well just check this out..only in New York but i like the idea and I may buy or make one...


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Early Morning in the world

Im a morning person filled with instant energy! Its like not having the instant coffee which i dont do only the percolated coffee of Chock full of Nuts brand or amoretta from the Puerto Rico Coffee company in New York..that is the Best!!!

Its the early morning and nothing like the wonderful energy and sounds of early morning. the stars are the brightest and no night pollution to be seen. Every moning I go out to the deck with my coffee and bubbles ..yes for real...always bubbles....and thank the universe for another beautiful day!

The best part of the night sky early morning is the change of color you only see for a few minutes from black to blue and where did the stars go? sometimes the sky is like velvet with lights only to blink color or even move..Engery !

Thursday, September 10, 2009

27 messages in 1/34 hour

Hey lets sing a song everyone!!!! The following is sung to the song of the 12 days of christmas...Telephones not working, Printer not printing. Printer not hooked up. Screen not working. No sound from computer. Flash drive not showing up. Cannot get work from last year on network drive. When? When? When? well at least its no more YOU's (see June post on You you you!) Class 6th 7th 8th 3rd, bus duty, 2 cafe dutys, after school is better, wheres my email? what no internet? Network is down, the phone THE PHONES the phones!!!! ...breath bible...and the cell is going off again, another song in the works...and a partridge in a pear tree!